MIREILLE TOULEKIMA is an Award-Winning Global Entrepreneur, Global Energy Consultant,Mentor & Coach, a three-times Published Author, International Speaker, Humanitarian,Ambassador and women empowerment advocate & champion with a particular focus on developing and emerging markets and STEM industries. She is the Managing Director of the Perth Australia based consultancy MT Energy Resources Ltd. She founded MIREILLE
TOULEKIMA GLOBAL LEADERSHIP Organisation in 2017 and STEM QUEENS Uganda in 2018 and contributes to several leadership, technical and Think Tank groups around the world.
Mireille gained her experience working for 25 years in Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia in a range of technical and management roles. Following the publication of her 2 nd book called “Stepping into your greatness: Twelve rules for building an outstanding life” in 2016,Mireille developed an Authentic Leadership System called D.A.R.E (Decide Act Review Expand), launched the Greatness Engineering Movement in 2018, started the Greatness Engineering Hour Talk Show in 2019.Mireille is also the editor in Chief of The Greatness Engineering Magazine. She is part of the
new wave of women who have embraced spiritual consciousness, mindfulness as well as non-traditional sectors, globalization, innovation and digital disruption.