Since its opening up to world in 1989, the Internet has fast evolved from being just a technical tool to a political one. Today, there are about 5 Billion Internet users globally, with 23, 000,000 of these users hailing from Tanzania.
Majority of these Internet users however are little aware of Internet Governance (IG). Still, among those that are aware of IG, few tend to think that it’s nothing but an elitist process, a viewpoint that is rather skewed.

(TzSIG) seeks to demystify this by offering an understanding on the subject matter, in efforts to create awareness, empower the next generation of leaders, and increase the effective participation capacity of young leaders from Tanzania and East Africa in national, regional and global Internet Governance (IG) processes.This was the first Tanzania School on Internet Governance (TzSIG) that served participants from around the country through an intensive 4 days professional master class course on the topic of Internet Governance.TzSIG preceded Tanzania national Internet Governance Forum (TzIGF)2018 .The target being capacity building of Internet Governance leaders (organizers and speakers), who will then lead IG related discussions at national, regional level.